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Nicht alle Aktivitäten passen an jeden Ort. Deshalb wirst Du auf ig nicht die gleichen Dinge finden wie auf FB, also folge mir dort, wo der Inhalt Dich am stärksten interessiert.

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  • Print your work create something real life is not digital
  • Bjorn for my Male Portrait Serie ill call it Rocket
  • gallerywalks at weekday is very luxorius nikon fm3a  kodak
  • my marvellous wife at open gardens day in berlin Nikon
  • capture of my beautiful wife Contax 645 and Fujifilm Pro
  • Another picture from the shooting with the marvellous Moritz K
  • Had a wonderful shooting with the gorgeous Moritz K
  • Kodak Trix and Hasselblad 500 Toscana Firenze analogvibes analogfeatures filmphotography